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M & M Ropeways

May 29 , 2018

HIM CABLE WAYS,now rechristened as M & M Rope ways was incorporated in the year 1992 with the intent to provide alternate transportation solutions which are viable, cost-effective and Eco-friendly. We are leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of innovative high-quality material handling equipment including Aerial Rope ways, Cable Cranes for inclined, radial and parallel applications. Some of our installations include: World’s Highest Rope ways at 22,000 feet for Indian Army. Rescue Ropeways during Nepal Earthquake & Himachal Foods. Ropeways for Rural Development to connect hill-top villages.


Ropeways are one of the most energy-efficient forms of transporting goods and people.As an alternative to expensive rail or road constructions, Ropeways are a cheaper and more convenient.It can cover steep, rugged and otherwise inaccessible ground. Ropeways reduce the long road distance by transporting material/passenger straight from bottom to top.Ropeways have a minimal environmental impact. Unlike other means of transportation, they require minimum tree cutting. The area requirement of a Ropeway is minimum with a small cleared pathway under the pylons(towers).Ropeways not only allow a quick and safe transportation of goods to the designated points, but permit a continuous operation. A ropeway can carry incredible heavy loads to large distances with utmost efficiency. Reliability is remarkably high. An Aerial Ropeway is one of the world’s safest forms of transportation.Relatively easy and quick to set up, operate, maintain and take down. Low construction and maintenance costs. High standards enable Ropeway system to operate in all weather conditions(Rain, Snow & Wind).Material Handling Ropeways can be used for almost all kinds of construction – mountain construction sites, dam construction, hydro power projects, pipeline construction, bridge construction, in forestry and for any customized implementation.